We start the investment management process based on what you need from your investments.  Since we do not get paid to sell investments or products, it is in our best interest to choose the most appropriate investments to fulfill your needs, goals and objectives, because the better you do, the better we do. We are incentivized to perform well for you, since our income depends on your success. If your accounts go up, we make more, and if your accounts go down, we make less. We feel the pain too. We also care about your unique values and incorporate them into the investment process of Sustainable, Responsible, Impact SRI/ESG investing.

Financial planning is extremely useful to help clarify and determine what your needs and objectives truly are. 

Do you have short-term cash-flow needs, or are your needs for longer-term growth

Do you currently need income from your investments and are your needs fixed or fluctuating?

Are you in a high tax-bracket

What are your risk and values preferences and experience with investing? 

What are your short and longer range goals

Are you more hand's on, or do you prefer to delegate?

Do you have a clear understanding of your financial situation, and are your expectations realistic?

Do you understand, not just market risk, but other risks that can result in your being unable to achieve your goals to live the life you hope for? 

Is longevity part of your family history or history of health issues?

Have you adequately planned for retirement, college funding, smart tax reduction, getting your ducks in a row with estate planning, leaving a legacy, short and long-term health care, disability and other potential risks to you and your family?

Are you charitably inclined and want to leave a lasting legacy?

What are your unique values? 

What causes and issues do you care most about?

Do you wish to invest locally to benefit your community?

Are you concerned about climate change, social and environmental justice?

These are just some of the many questions we need answers for before developing a unique and strategic investment strategy to help cover your basic needs, wishes and values.  Financial planning and Investment management are ongoing processes and not just a one-time event, because life and things can and will change. Strategically rebalancing portfolios frees up cash enabling us to take advantage of new and disruptive investments, while adapting to market changes and risks.  This process forces buying low and selling high, which is fundamental to successful investment management.  Periodic rebalancing also helps reduce fear and emotions that tend to hinder successful investing.

Our firm provides you with ongoing performance monitoring, quarterly fee billing, and also periodic monitoring of your financial plan to assure that things are going successfully and according to plan, while making periodic and adaptive adjustments along the way as your situation and the world changes.

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