"Fail to plan, plan to fail!"

Don't confuse financial planning with only savings and investing advice. We also incorporate your unique values and wishes. While how to save (and how much!), and where to and where not to, and when to invest, is important, prudent Financial Planning goes beyond just saving and investing. The sooner you understand the role of financial planning in meeting your short, medium and long-term financial aspirations, the better you'll be able to control your financial destiny.  Procrastination is the biggest mistake we make.  So please don't procrastinate any longer!    

Why Financial Planning is Important

A well-grounded financial plan is essential for anyone who wishes to accomplish specific financial objectives. Whether it be the idea of owning your home (sooner, rather than later!), making sure your children's education is well funded, or ensuring a smooth and stress-free retirement; all of these seemingly disparate components come together under a unified financial plan.

The scope of an effective financial plan should therefore cover key aspects such as Saving, Budgeting, Investing, Tax planning, Insurance planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning, and much more.

What We Can Do For You

Our systematic approach to Financial Planning services includes:

  • Low-cost comprehensive financial and life goals planning: We provide financial planning services on an hourly or case-basis for comprehensive or modular planning for retirement, income generation, home or other large purchase(s), college funding, or whatever your goals and needs.  No account minimums for financial planning. Click on the button at the bottom for info. 

  • Discovering You: Financial planning is all about YOU! And the only way that we can deliver what YOU need and wish is to understand your unique values, goals, and needs.  We do this through a consultative discovery approach of getting to know you, and helping you understand better how and what we can do for you.

  • Strategizing: Now that we have a better sense of who you are, and what you wish your financial future to look like, we work together to create strategies that will help you fulfil those financial objectives, needs, values, and wishes.

  • Holistic Planning: Through our systematic strategy-building process, we create a set of personalized, holistic plans – for the short, intermediate and long-term, to help fulfil your overall financial strategy, while incorporating your values and wishes. We compare the process to using a GPS system to guide you to where you hope to go or achieve with your life.

  • Implementation: When your plan is in place, we walk you through the process of implemention of your plan. Whether it's making the right investment decisions, choosing the right retirement or insurance plan for you and your family, saving enough (and regularly) to reach your retirement goals, or creating an Estate Plan that preserves your legacy and philanthropy; we work with you and on your side as you take each step making sure each step of the plan is successfully implemented.

  • Frequent Reviewing and Monitoring:  We stay vigilant throughout the process making sure you stay on track to meet each of the objectives set out in your plan. Through ongoing monitoring and reviews, we consult with you periodically and make modifications to your plan and strategies when and as needed.

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