With over 30 years of experience in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), we provide investment advisory services to help you in achieving your financial goals without sacrificing your values and beliefs.  We help our clients simplify, organize, and add value to your life, while reducing your financial anxiety.  We help you do what you "should" do, when you have little time or difficulty acting on your decisions.

Our personal and progressive wealth management services are offered to individuals, families, businesses, widows, inheritors, non-profit, religious, and mission-based organizations.

  • Fee-Only Fiduciary Asset/Wealth Management Based on Your Unique Needs with full fee disclosure and transparency  (We accept no up-front or ongoing sales commissions ever)
  • Low-Cost Impact Model Portfolios from Conservative to Moderate to Aggressive with $5000 Minimums and Automated Portfolio Re-Balancing
  • Retirement Plan Set Up and Management (IRA, ROTH, 401k, 403b, etc.) for all phases of retirement-(Accumulation, Growth, Distribution)
  • Rollovers & Consolidation of Former Employer retirement plans
  • Tax-Favored Income Investing for your current and future cash-flow needs and tax situation
  • Adaptive Risk Management, Ongoing Monitoring and Performance Reporting
  • Personalized Holistic Financial-Life Planning and/or Hourly Modular/Focused Plans
  • 529 Plan Investment for education funding for children and grandchildren
  • Inheritance and Trust Investment Management, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning
  • Community Investments, and Philanthropic and Gift Planning 
  • Annuity Management
  • World-Class Institutional Third Party SRI Stock and Bond Managers
  • No-Load Mutual Funds, low-cost Index Funds, & Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) and Low-Cost Laddered Bond Portfolios, all SRI Environmentally and Socially Conscious
  • Free No Obligation Initial Consultaions and Complementary review of your current plan with strategy recommendations

We provide our clients with quality, objective, and independent fee-only fiduciary investment management and financial planning uniquely customized and in accordance with your values for retirement, tax-favored income or growth or whatever your financial needs are. While we strive to provide competitive returns, we also believe that life is about more than just profit alone. We often go over and above the normal call of duty in advocating for you, our clients. We truly care about you, your families, and your success. 

We collaborate with you to help prepare and enable you to thrive, have comfortable and meaningful lives, and reduce your anxiety about your finances, so you don't have to worry about that part of your lives.

We collaborate/coordinate with your tax, insurance, and legal advisers on your behalf, and provide professional referrals when needed.